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Maya Angelou’s story is an inspiring example of the important role that teachers play in their students’ lives. And it is also a reminder of how much children can accomplish when they receive encouragement along the way.

As Angelou once said, “At our best, we are all teachers.”

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This is a beautiful story about a girl who really struggled academically until she found counsel from Mrs. Gillam who equipped her with the mindset and tools to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Now, she's a sixth-grade teacher with experiences that impact her teaching philosophy.

Nearly three decades ago, I needed a champion to believe in me when I could not believe in myself. I needed a champion to fight for me when I could not fight for myself…

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Teachers have the ability to create defining moments in the classroom every day. This talk hosted by TEDx serves as a reminds us how important it is to appreciate teachers and elevate the teaching profession.

"A teacher changed my life just isn’t a great slogan. It’s a call for action for those of us who are not in the classroom everyday to become a friend of the profession. It’s not to be silent, but to speak for these unsung heroes who contribute so much…

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From The New York Times:

This story demonstrates that there are many ways to make a difference, but none more powerful than becoming a classroom teacher. This story and many others we publish at Teacher Stories illustrate why that's true.

"I’d like to draw a moral here about teachers, and how young children take what their teachers have to offer…

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From: The Los Angeles Times

It was hard for Keith to open up to his teachers about his weight, his loneliness, or his living situation. But once he did, Los Angeles school officials stepped up and tapped into the artistic gifts of this once-homeless teen. Now he's headed to art school.

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From: The New York Times

For more than 50 years, Cornelia Vertenstein, 92, has taught piano lessons from her home in Denver. Every week, through all those years, a parade of children came to her door, books in hand.

The coronavirus has put an end to those visits. But Ms.Vertenstein would not let it put an end to the lessons. And she certainly would not let it cancel…

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From StoryCorps:

"People often come to StoryCorps with those who have made an impact on their lives. In this piece, we hear from a cabaret performer and his elementary school music teacher.

Russ King grew up outside of Minneapolis in the 1970s. He sat down with his music teacher,  Paige Macklin, 50 years later, to tell her about a choice she made, and how it changed his life."

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With the support of teachers, Michael Atkins becomes the principal of Stedman Elementary School in Denver, Colorado.  He served as a custodian in the same district several years before. 

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Inspiring teacher stories about Les Brown, Emily Blunt, Maya Angelou, and Bill Gates.

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Teachers seldom hear from their former students. This student returned to say "thank you."

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