Share Your Story

We are looking for unique teacher stories for this website. If you have one you like us to consider, please share some of the highlights, noting those events that had an impact on you or someone you know. Your story could be about a teacher who affected your life, or, if you are or were a teacher, about a student whose life you changed.

Stories we are especially interested in right now:

  • Teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • How is the pandemic affecting students and teachers emotionally and socially?
    • What are the challenges and/or advantages of distance learning?
    • Have any silver linings emerged from the pandemic?
    • Are there some students for whom there are no silver linings?
  • Black Lives Matter, Social Justice, and Systemic Racism
    • What role do (or should) teachers and schools play in teaching about these topics?
    • Why do Black Teachers matter and for Whom?
    • How can teachers help students become anti-racist?

We will let you know by email or phone within a few days about producing either a video or audio version of your story.

You can also share a link to a teacher story that you'd like us to consider adding to our external links page.