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If you have a teacher who made a difference in your life, perhaps someone who helped you learn and love a subject, you can thank them here for all the world to see. If you know the teacher’s email address we will send him or her a note about your appreciation along with a link to your appreciation. We encourage you to search for your teacher to see if others have already expressed their gratitude. Then you can add your own sentiments.
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Mia Mecleary appreciates Mr. Michael Barry , a teacher at CONESTOGA SHS in Berwyn , PA

Thirty-eight years ago, I graduated from Conestoga High School in Berwyn, PA. In 10th grade, my family had a crisis, and I was abruptly moved from my childhood home to another school district with my custodial Dad. I started at Conestoga, not knowing a single soul. It is one of the best high schools in the country, and I was emotionally and mentally struggling. I felt isolated, and my grades plummeted. I frankly didn’t care. I was tested by the HS and was placed with a support teacher for tests

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Ashlynn Richardson appreciates Mr. John Ball , a teacher at OASIS CHARTER MIDDLE SCHOOL in Cape Coral, FL

I want to thank you for being my teacher. The most important thing I have learned from you is to believe in yourself even when things get hard. I have started learning so much more about our past. Also, you have helped us just become a better class and have made this year so much more fun! Thank you so much for being my teacher! I am forever grateful! Thanks, Ashlynn Richardson

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Nataly Pollock appreciates Mr. John Ball, a teacher at OASIS CHARTER MIDDLE SCHOOL in Cape Coral, FL

Thank you so much, Mr. Ball! There are not enough words to express my appreciation for you! You have truly shown me how to respect and enjoy our history! I could not think of a better person to teach us this year! I know our class is very difficult, but we are trying our best to make you satisfied. You are really one of a kind, thank you so much for showing me that this course is important and fun! I look forward to the rest of the year learning with you! - Nataly Pollock

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