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Jen says "My teacher saved me when I was in 3rd grade." Now wrapping up her 20th year as a teacher herself, she pays it forward and reaches out to her former teacher, Jane. Watch what happens when she reconnects to the teacher who inspired her into the profession.

Story added: 2021-05-03

When a teacher feels like a mother, this student took the time to say "thank you." Watch to see how a few kind words make a world of a difference.

Story added: 2021-05-03

"When people say that not all heroes wear capes, Mr. Ball is the one I think about," says Caroline. Watch what happens when she expresses her gratitude to her teacher. Be sure to grab a box of tissues before you press play!

Story added: 2021-05-03

In spring 2019, CSU San Bernardino conducted a Celebration of Teaching Event for undergraduates interested in becoming a teachers. Faculty member, Wil Greer, shared this moving story about a child and the teachers who changed his life. 

Story added: 2019-12-12

Nikki Ahrenstorff believed her high school was "reserved for a special group of people" and that she wasn't part of it. That changed when she took an English class with Mr. Childs.  

Story added: 2019-05-02

Gwen Reid develops a passion for "cowboy poetry" her sixties.  Her junior high summer school teacher and great grandmother had a lot to do with this.

Sometimes a teacher's influence is realized later in life.

Story added: 2019-04-17

Jennifer Vides is a civil engineer who helps build skyscrapers in Southern California. Her band teacher, Romeo Vera (at Manual Arts High School) helped Jennifer realize her childhood dream.

Story added: 2019-04-16

Rachell Auld shares an amazing story about her career path and how it was shaped by Dr. John Rosario from Riverside City College. This story is about finding one's true calling.

Story added: 2019-04-15

During high school, a time in his life when he was desperately trying to blend in (and perhaps go unnoticed), Efrain Solis was encouraged to take center stage.

Now a professional opera singer, he shares how his special high school drama teacher, Jeannette McMahon, helped him discover his—baritone—voice.

Story added: 2019-04-15