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Laura Estes surprises her former English teacher, Judi Briant, with a surprise tribute. "I was not blossoming. I was not a successful student. And I needed so badly to be seen...A lot of people saw me with their eyes, but you saw me with your heart," Laura says. 

Story added: 2022-03-15

Bruce Stewart is a life-long educator who dedicated his career to social justice and high-quality education for all. As a history teacher and guidance counselor at Walter Hines Page Senior High School in Greensboro, North Carolina, he led the effort to desegregate the school 1963. Stewart became a Quaker educator and later served as Head of School at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. from 1998 to 2009. 

In this episode, Jennifer Futernick, a former student of… Read More

Story added: 2021-06-14

Watch what happens when an 8-year-old student and a parent take the time to say "thank you" to a teacher who went above and beyond to make 1st grade exciting and special even during a pandemic. 

Story added: 2021-05-03

When a teacher feels like a mother, this student took the time to say "thank you." Watch to see how a few kind words make a world of a difference.

Story added: 2021-05-03

Jen says "My teacher saved me when I was in 3rd grade." Now wrapping up her 20th year as a teacher herself, she pays it forward and reaches out to her former teacher, Jane. Watch what happens when she reconnects to the teacher who inspired her into the profession.

Story added: 2021-05-03

"When people say that not all heroes wear capes, Mr. Ball is the one I think about," says Caroline. Watch what happens when she expresses her gratitude to her teacher. Be sure to grab a box of tissues before you press play!

Story added: 2021-05-03