The Influence of a Perfect Teacher

From The New York Times:

This story demonstrates that there are many ways to make a difference, but none more powerful than becoming a classroom teacher. This story and many others we publish at Teacher Stories illustrate why that's true.

"I’d like to draw a moral here about teachers, and how young children take what their teachers have to offer with a kind of matter-of-fact greediness, without stopping to marvel at what is being transmitted, to wonder how the knowledge was acquired, or to examine the teacher’s own passions.

And given the times we’re living through, I’d like to say something in appreciation of all the teachers who are managing to convey their passions remotely this year, and maybe to mourn the days that children are missing in what would have been exciting or even magical classrooms. But really, all I want to say is, when you get lucky with a teacher, you really get lucky." - By Perri Klass, M.D. 

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