Honest History and "Civic Mindedness" for Younger Learners

Fremont Image

A junior high school teacher, her school principal, and a teacher educator weigh in on critical questions about history and civics education in the era of fake news, social media, and heightened political pressure. 

  • What does high-quality history and civics education for younger students look like and how can it help protect our democracy?
  • Why should teachers promote civic mindedness and not just facts about how government works?
  • Should all of American history be taught, including systemic racism and other anti-democratic structures?
  • Should teachers attempt to make students feel guilt or discomfort about America's past?
  • Can history about current events and controversial topics be taught in a non-partisan manner?
  • How can school administrators support teachers who teach the whole American story? 

Guests include:

  • Tracy Barnett, History Teacher, Hopkins Jr. High School, Fremont, California
  • Corey Brown, Principal, Hopkins Jr. High School, Fremont, California
  • Dr. Jennifer Hauver, Associate Professor of Education, Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Virginia
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