Chris Hasegawa on the "art" of teaching science

Chris Hasegawa

Chris Hasegawa, a highly accomplished teacher educator, describes what great science teachers do to help students understand and love this subject. "You have to make yourself a little bit vulnerable," he says, and to elicit joy in what you're doing. The art of teaching is being able to teach people that don't learn the way that you learn and who may not enjoy school the way you did. 

Chris also shares stories about three teachers who made a difference in his life. One of his best teachers was a former student who had been addicted to drugs and later thanked Chris for not giving up on him. "When you work with teachers Mr. Has, can you tell them to continue to be flipped off," which is what this student had wanted to do when Chris pestered him about his drug problem. "Continue to express to those kids that they really are worth your trouble and convince them that they really do have a problem and they need to get help," the student said. 

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