6th Grader Launches Podcast. About Politics!

Bali and Mahr

Eleven year-old Kaia Bali launched her own podcast called, "Through a Gen-Z's Eyes," because she is worried the current state of politics and our country's future. In this episode of Teacher Stories, Kaia talks about being a podcast host, her favorite episodes, and the one (surprising!) person she'd most like to interview.

Also joining us is Sam Mahr, Kaia's sixth grade teacher who's supported her podcasting efforts and was Kaia's first podcast guest. "You won't meet too many students like Kaia," Mr. Mahr says. "She's an amazing young kid, extremely smart, extremely hard-working, and very mature for her age...It's not often you see someone as young as Kaia curious about politics and social justice."

Kaia and Mr. Mahr share their views on how politics and other controversial topics should be treated in the classroom.

Kaia's podcast is available on on several platforms, including Apple Podcasts.


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