Teacher Appreciation Week (May 8-16) is here!

There's no better way to boost morale and retain teachers, than an outpouring of appreciation. Now more than ever, teachers deserve to be recognized for their dedication. Launching a Teacher Appreciation campaign at your school is easy, free, and it will make a world of difference to your teachers!

No gimmicks, no ads, no cost. Our only objective at Teacher Stories is to help recognize the profound impact so many teachers have on their students.

Three reasons to conduct a Teacher Appreciation Campaign at your school

Reason #1

  • A kind word can go a long way. While teachers greatly appreciate the private notes of gratitude they receive from parents and students, appreciations submitted for your campaign are publicly posted to the Teacher Stories website for all to enjoy.
  • This online tool encourages students, parents, and school leaders to submit public messages of appreciation to educators. This shared experience can deepen connections with stakeholders and strengthen school climate.

Reason #2

  • With support from Teacher Stories, you can honor your teachers in just three simple steps.
  • Teacher Stories staff review all submissions and are available to help during any step in the process.
  • The Appreciation system automatically notifies honored teachers when their email addresses are included with submissions.

Reason #3

  • No gimmicks, no ads, no sharing email addresses.
  • Read our success stories or keep reading to learn how to launch a Teacher Appreciation campaign in three easy steps.

Launch your campaign with ease using our Implementation Guide

Here is what you will find in the Guide:

  • A list of benefits from conducting a school-wide appreciation campaign
  • Recommended steps to conduct a campaign at your school
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Appreciation campaign success stories
  • Sample email messages you can use to conduct campaigns

Implementation Guide


Still have questions? Let's chat.

Please contact us at info@teacherstories.org or schedule a quick consultation if 

  • You'd like to learn more about how to launch a Teacher Appreciation Campaign at your school.
  • You have suggestions for the Teacher Appreciation Guide or the Teacher Appreciation webpage.
  • You want to share a story about a successful Teacher Appreciation campaign at your school.