Lucas Gafford appreciates Mrs. Kellye Dodd, a teacher at INDEPENDENCE HIGH SCHOOL in San Jose, CA

Dear Mrs. Dodd, Happy teacher appreciation week! I wanted to use this opportunity to tell you what you’ve meant to me these past 4 years. You’ve impacted me so much in a positive way and showed me what I’m capable of as a person. I don’t know if you remember this, but as an 8th grader, I went on the fine arts exhibition field trip thingie, and your dance class stood out to me the most (I remember it was either you or one of your students at the time even complimented my energy). I liked to dance at parties or events and such, so I figured, “why not sign up.” Probably one of the best decisions of my life. Coming in as a kid in the STEAM academy with hobbies involving everything technology and video game based, being in your dance class showed me that I can do more than just that. It was nerve-wracking at first for me (I think I almost backed out), however, I’m glad that I stuck with it. You can create bonds through dance, link into other performing arts, and really anyone can do it with practice. You showed me why dance is special. One time I remember vividly that showed your dedication was the rehearsal for Parade of Nations for Multi 2020. Personally, it was one of the worst nights of my life, but I saw you up there trying your best to muster what voice you could to give directions to four classes at once! And the payoff was amazing because of it. You’re dedicated to your students, and I always love the energy you brought to class. I don’t think I was a really good dancer in the class, but I remember I had the energy. I loved performing for the class during multi and the recital (omg, Perm was so fun with the golden jacket and everything). It gave me life to be able to perform something I worked hard on. And while I don’t plan to pursue performing arts, I loved my time that I spent with it in high school and that all thanks to you and your dance class. Sincerely, Lucas Gafford

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