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If you have a teacher who made a difference in your life, perhaps someone who helped you learn and love a subject, you can thank them here for all the world to see. If you know the teacher’s email address we will send him or her a note about your appreciation along with a link to your appreciation. We encourage you to search for your teacher to see if others have already expressed their gratitude. Then you can add your own sentiments.
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Cathy Nuovo appreciates Mrs Sullivan, a teacher at International School of Monterey in Seaside, CA

To our dear Ms. Sullivan, 
Your patience, enthusiasm and kindness have not gone unnoticed during this year of online distance learning. You are such an amazing example of a teacher who goes the extra mile to make sure your students are all on the same page. It's not an easy task to keep 4th graders engaged especially in these trying times. You are always so upbeat and supportive of your students. You shine as a teacher, and your truly care about your students. We thank you for setting up extra

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Michael McGuire appreciates Miss Derryl Gray, a teacher at Menlo-Atherton High School in Atherton, CA

At first, I didn’t know what to make of Miss Derryl Gray, my English teacher in my junior year of high school. Her teaching persona ranged from unconventionally permissive to strict disciplinarian, and you never knew which one would show up on any given day. My feelings for her ran hot and cold. Winning my heart was the cool hipster lady with the beehive hairdo teaching Bob Dylan lyrics in her poetry class, but who could morph into the old-fashioned prune faced schoolmarm criticizing my unruly

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Greg Barnard appreciates Ms Jean Johnson, a teacher at Waterville-Elysian in Waterville, MN

My father was a coach, so I grew up around athletics and was comfortable on the field and court. However, singing in public was way outside of my comfort zone. But somehow, Ms. Jean Johnson convinced me and some fellow athletes to join the school choir. Ms. Johnson was patient, kind, and had a way to get the best from all of us. Over time, Jean transformed our bunch into a pretty darn good high school choir, which did well in competitions. My senior year, Mr. Royal Myers, another talented

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Michael McGuire appreciates Mr Robert Selinske, a teacher at Menlo-Atherton High School in Atherton, CA

I had a tough time in high school. When I was 17 the Viet Nam war was raging and I in turn raged against the war, a rebel with a cause, deeply disturbed by my country’s engagement in that immoral conflict, and it’s shameful willingness to sacrifice the lives of untold thousands of young men because of some specious domino theory. I was battling wars at home as well. My parents had recently discovered I was gay and an atheist, and their conservative Catholic Republican values were severely

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Christine Barnard appreciates Mr Harlan Eernisse, a teacher at Burnsville High School in Burnsville, MN

Mr. Eernisse was one of the best math teachers. In fact, he was one of the best teachers I ever had in high school, and he was my favorite. He helped me tremendously by encouraging me to stretch my goals. Because of him, I doubled up on math courses (who knew you could do that) and I finished my senior year by getting college credit for calculus. Burnsville High School had a large population of students (approximately 2700), but Mr. Eernisse made sure I was not lost in the crowd and I think he

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