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If you have a teacher who made a difference in your life, perhaps someone who helped you learn and love a subject, you can thank them here for all the world to see. If you know the teacher’s email address we will send him or her a note about your appreciation along with a link to your appreciation. We encourage you to search for your teacher to see if others have already expressed their gratitude. Then you can add your own sentiments.
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Szilvia Bencze appreciates Mrs. Rosie Filice, a teacher at SPRECKELS ELEMENTARY in Spreckels, CA

My family is thankful for Mrs Filice for the extraordinary work she has been doing for the children since the beginning of the year. With her patience, attention and knowledge, she provides a truly relaxed, predictable, exciting school experience for the kids in distance learning. She manages to attract my little boy’s attention at all times. His favorite time is the syncronous classes while he can work with her. Thank you so much for your hard work you are doing even in this difficult time.

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Becky Rodriguez appreciates Mrs. Martin, a teacher at SPRECKELS ELEMENTARY in Spreckels, CA

Dear Mrs. Martin, We want you to know you are appreciated! For all the time you put into preparing great lessons, I want to thank you for caring so much about my child and all of your students. Your warm, caring, and enthusiastic attitude is so appreciated. I also appreciate how you reach out personally when there are specific needs or concerns to make sure we work together to address. You are an amazing teacher and our son is very lucky to have you! Thanks for all you do!

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