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If you have a teacher who made a difference in your life, perhaps someone who helped you learn and love a subject, you can thank them here for all the world to see. If you know the teacher’s email address we will send him or her a note about your appreciation along with a link to your appreciation. We encourage you to search for your teacher to see if others have already expressed their gratitude. Then you can add your own sentiments.
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Mia Lane appreciates Mr. John Ball, a teacher at OASIS CHARTER MIDDLE SCHOOL in Cape Coral , FL

I want to thank my teacher because he always makes everyone laugh and makes the class fun. He always makes sure that I'm okay and when I'm not he makes me talk through it and makes me feel better about it. I really love him and everything he does for all of the students and the school. He really does love all of his students and wants the best for the school he teaches at.

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Agnes Zanganeh appreciates Mr. Alex Hofsteen , a teacher at INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MONTEREY in Seaside , CA

Mr. Hofsteen is a person with a very uplifted and kind sprit. He is a teacher with a positive and joyful attitude. And the attitude and character he possesses, have immensely helped the students learn Science in the way they will remember because of his unique yet effective teaching strategy — not to mention the challenges this pandemic has brought everyone. Nevertheless, Mr. Hofsteen did not let get any of these challenges affect his strong passion for teaching. His positivity and compassion

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