Kelsey Delrosario appreciates Mr. Dean Nguyen, a teacher at INDEPENDENCE HIGH SCHOOL in San Jose, CA

HI MR.NGUYEN!! I really hope your day is going well. Anyways, I want to say that you are one of my favorite teachers this year and probably one of my favorite teachers out of my whole high school experience. Although my one and only class with you was spent online through zoom calls and google classroom, I still genuinely enjoyed being in that class. Physiology was probably one of the few classes I actually enjoyed waking up to (whenever I DID wake up LOL). Honestly, if I could, I would retake this class again just to experience it in person. Sadly, I was unable to perform CPR on a mannequin dummy this year :( Thank you for making this year’s physiology class simple and straight to the point but also fun and entertaining. Thank you for also being a very understanding teacher, especially during this year where times and conditions are not the best nor the easiest to work with. I really appreciate all that you have done for your classes and for your students. Do you remember the time you made an assignment for us to create a journal entry talking about stress? Well things like that in your class REALLY HELPED ME throughout the school year. Assignments where we reflected upon our life or things other than physiology and just vent out our thoughts helped me take some stress out. Since I am normally a very reserved person, being able to just let out my thoughts and type out what is on my mind, genuinely makes me feel so much better. So I just want to thank you for creating that assignment even if it was only a one time thing :) Anyways, I hope you have a great rest of your day, week, month, and school year!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK!!

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