Karina Figueroa-Ramirez appreciates Sra. Andrea Ickes-Dunbar, a teacher at BARRY ELEMENTARY in Yuba City, CA

You were my 7/8th grade English teacher at Barry. You were also my Spanish choir/music teacher who taught me to sign the alphabet and to sing a variety of children's songs in Spanish, I still sing to my own children this day. Thank you for picking me up and dropping me off at my home to attend the Festival de la Gente in Sacramento and perform. I read all the greeting/holiday cards you had posted on the left side of your classroom. I loved reading them all. I also loved all the dichos. Because of you, I did well academically in high school. You were the one who spoke to me and acknowledged, valued and appreciated my essence. You taught me to believe in myself, to set goals and pursue them. Thank you for all you did. I love you very much.

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