Gretchen van Eeghen appreciates Mrs. Heidi de Bellis, a teacher at SPRECKELS ELEMENTARY in Spreckels, CA

My twin girls started 1st grade this fall during the pandemic and wildfires. To say I was a bit nervous is an understatement. However, when we learned that Mrs. de Bellis was our girls’ teacher, we were told by their kindergarten teacher that she is fantastic and teaches from the heart. And didn’t that turn out to be the truth! Mrs. de Bellis is one of our families’ biggest blessings this year! How she cares and loves each of her students while teaching them to read, write and do math is amazing! Every single day she takes her time with each student and treats them with more patience and kindness than most could ever give. To say Mrs. de Bellis is a rockstar is an understatement. A first grade teacher who can teach, love on and keep control of her classroom virtually with 24 kiddos has super human powers. Thx Mrs. de Bellis so much for all you do!!♥️ You are definitely a hero!

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