Denzel Justin Graycochea appreciates Mr. Robert Bernard, a teacher at INDEPENDENCE HIGH SCHOOL in San Jose, CA

Hello Mr.Bernard. I'm Denzel Justin. I used to be in your guitar class in 2019 as a sophomore. I'm well aware now that it has been some time since the last we spoke, and taking into consideration your profession and having to learn and adapt to new incoming students, I wouldn't be surprised if you had forgotten me. That being said, I can't stress enough just how much you have left an impact on me. You were one of the first people who genuinely believed in my potential to be a great guitarist. You were even the first person to respond in a list of references when I was in need of a medical exemption for the army. I carry that with me with pride, knowing I had your support. The letter you wrote to me is something I will forever cherish. No amount of respect has ever been given to me at that time. I sincerely hope you find this letter in good health and that we meet again in better circumstances. Thank you again for believing in me. Sincerely, PFC GRAYCOCHEA, DENZEL JUSTIN, C 5 May 2024

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