Anahi Villa Vera appreciates Ms. Madison Kimball , a teacher at INDEPENDENCE HIGH SCHOOL in San Jose , CA

Since the first day of AVID, I knew that you genuinely cared about every one of your students. On the first day of AVID, you were so outgoing and asked all of us different questions and were really trying to get to know us. I had never met a teacher that cares so much for her students outside of school. You have always done your best to make sure that I’m good when I come to practice not only physically but emotionally and the same for when I enter zoom class. You have helped me remember my worth not only on the field but off of the field as well. You give amazing talks, they literally make my day if not remind me what I need to do. I am so happy that I got not only as a teacher but a coach as well and thank you for always helping me in class, during soccer, and even at home (through the phone). I am so happy to know that you are someone I know I can count on for anything! You are one of the strongest people I know because even though distance learning you have managed to make connections with students during class and you’ve taught everything you needed to. I love you soccer dad, happy teacher appreciation week, you deserve the whole world and more! <33

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