Amy Okuma appreciates Mr. Ho, a teacher at INDEPENDENCE HIGH SCHOOL in San Jose, CA

Hello Mr. Ho! You are such a cool teacher, and I appreciate everything you do to make our chemistry class informative yet understandable. I’m sure that I wouldn’t have as deep of an understanding of chemistry now if I didn’t have you as my teacher, so thank you so much :) I also understand that this pandemic has been difficult for you and that you had many bumps along the road as well. You’ve lost many who were close to you, yet you still managed to persevere and teach such an amazing class every single day, and I find that so admirable. I just wanted you to know how much I truly appreciate you and your lessons, and I hope you continue to inspire people like me in the future! I would not be able to imagine my sophomore year without you, once again thank you. Sincerely, Amy Okuma

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