Akasha West appreciates Ms. Helga McHugh, a teacher at INDEPENDENCE HIGH SCHOOL in san jose, CA

Hello Miss McHugh. I'm writing to you because it's Teacher Appreciation Week! You have worked so hard this year, and I know it's been even harder despite it being online. Even though I haven't had your class in person, you make zoom so fun every time, and I'm so excited to join! Thank you so much for also teaching me a new language. I can't wait to learn more and participate in the german activities you tell us about at school. I want you to know although you are a teacher, I would consider you one of the best PEOPLE I have met, you're always so happy and have a smile that's out of this world, and you even cheered me on at my track meet which I'll never forget. So, remember you are appreciated. Danke, dass du ein großartiger Lehrer bist!

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