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About Teacher Stories


I created Teacher Stories to celebrate the profound, but often forgotten, impact many teachers have on our lives.

I hope this growing collection of stories encourages people with the right skills, knowledge, and passion to consider careers in teaching. Yes, it’s hard work, teachers are under paid, and they don’t always get the respect they deserve. But as these stories show, teachers change the trajectories of people’s lives. They, as much as anyone, make the world a better place for all of us.

I hope these stories remind current and former teachers about the significance of their work and help persuade them to persevere in the face of the extraordinary challenges they face.

And for the rest of us who’ve never been and may never be a teacher, I hope these stories trigger fond memories of the ones who cared about us and taught us something important. Perhaps we’ll be moved to track some of them down to say, “thank you.”

Everyone has a teacher story, and we invite you to share one of yours with us. Each month we will add a few of them to this website for others to enjoy.

Ken Futernick, 2019

Comments and inquiries: info@teacherstories.org